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My Asian Mate: A Community for Australian and Asian Singles!


To our visitors from around the world, we extend our warmest welcome to My Asian Mate, a community for Australian and Asian singles to meet and connect. Our mission is to help single people from Australia who are hoping to find a marriage partner in the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia or another Asian country.

Recently, there has been significant growth in the number of Australians marrying Filipinos and other Asians. Most of them now live together in Australia. As this trend is likely to grow, we will be publishing everything needed to know to assist others in their search for an Asian soulmate.

What we publish here may also be useful to those Australians who are already in a relationship with an Asian partner and wish to progress to marriage and re-settlement in Australia.

Have you considered starting a new life in Australia with your Asian partner?
If so, it would be advisable to use the services of an Australian-registered migration agent.
If you need assistance applying for an Australian spouse visa, we recommend: Down Under Visa or you can complete their simple 5-minute visa assessment form to find out how they can best assist you.

There are also many Western men who are dissatisfied with the modern institution of marriage. Some of them wish to find a more traditional marriage partner from an Asian country. They will find advice published here useful in their quest.

This information also applies to the LGBT community. Many of whom are also are unable to find the kind of conventional partner they were hoping to meet.

Without intending to disparage Western partners, we wish to reflect the societal changes taking place and intend to feature alternatives for Australians and Westerners who are searching for a traditional marriage that is unavailable to them in Australia or their own country.

We’re not an introduction site. We don’t provide dating services, nor do we matchmake people. Our mission is to publish advice and information for those people who are looking to marry an Asian partner within a traditional style marriage.

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Where can I find an Asian bride?

Without doubt, dating websites are the most efficient, convenient and cost-effective places to meet Asians who are also looking for partners. Search through some of the sites published here to find suitable sites for you to create and post an attractive profile.

Australian dating apps and sites.

To help you find your lifetime true love partner, we have listed here dating apps and sites that will connect you with like-minded people in Australia and Asian countries.

(Note: Some sites may compensate us if you use their links.)

Many sites are free to register but most of them will also offer some advanced features for an additional cost. Some are 100% free and have no extra charges.

Our Online Dating Guide can be found by clicking on the button below.

So, where is the best place to find an Asian wife and how can I connect with one?

Nightclubs, bars, restaurants, social gatherings, shopping malls, and leisure clubs are all very well for local meet-ups, but for people overseas, the only practical way to connect is via the internet.

The efficiency, cost-saving and convenience of online dating have created a dating boom of exponential proportions, and now almost 40% of partnerships in the West begin online. In order to guide you through some online dating possibilities, we have collected many website links for you to try.

Check through our online site guide below to find sites and apps in Australia and Asian countries.


Index of Online Dating Sites:

  1. Australian dating apps and sites.
  2. Philippine dating apps and sites.
  3. Cambodian dating apps and sites.
  4. Vietnamese dating apps and sites.
  5. Thailand dating apps and sites.

A Community for Australian and Asian Singles:

If you are hoping to meet your prospective wife online, then check out some of these sites. They publish a host of information and articles on how to meet a partner for marriage in other countries.

Paid dating apps & sites.

Paid memberships usually have ‘premium’ features such as advertising removal, unlimited messaging, video and chat facilities etc. Some sites offer a free trial, and some unpaid versions have limited functionality.